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Purposeful Random Acts of Kindness

“Purposeful Random Acts of Kindness”

We met two very inspirational people while having brunch on a Saturday morning.
The restaurant was nearly empty, as there had been a snowfall overnight. We chose a table in the back to be near the fireplace.

It was a charming café called Pure and Simple that served organic omelets and wonderful baked goods. We had been there for over an hour and decided to fill our coffee cups, one more time. As we walked to the front to where the carafes of coffee were located, a couple came in and sat at the table next to ours. As we headed back to our seats, we noticed stones on some of the tables with a word printed on them such as; “Hope” “Faith” “Love” etc. We looked over the shoulder of the gentleman at the table next to us in an effort to read their stone. Realizing that this was a bit intrusive, we quickly apologized and explained that we were looking at the stone. From there we started talking and our conversation led to things that we can do to help others, and the impact that we have on each other's lives by what we do and say. And then, they shared something that was truly inspiring.Once a month, they devote one day to performing “purposeful random acts of kindness”. They never know exactly what they are going to do, and they let their hearts be their guide, as they venture out to be a blessing to someone else. They said the idea started one day when the car in front of them at a drive-through paid for their coffee. It meant so much to them, that now, "purposeful random acts of kindness" are something they do, together, and look forward to. It does not have to cost money, it does not have to take all day, but there are still so many things that can be done, to help someone else in a wonderful way, you just have to look.

This benevolent couple started a ripple of their own, but imagine how far it could spread if other people adopted this awesome practice! It could be a fun and adventurous thing to do as a family, by letting the kids be on the look-out for someone in need. Or something to do as a couple or with a group of friends instead of going to a movie or out to dinner. And, it truly is "pure and simple", kindness is the gift the blind can see and the deaf can hear and “purposeful random acts of kindness” can be the answer to someone’s prayer.

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